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ELEKTROPROJEKT S.A. is a Polish corporation of electrical engineering and consulting, existing since 1951, with over 60 years of experience in engineering, including numerous achievements in engineering for Polish power-generation industry. For 30 years Elektroprojekt offers its technical engineering services, including also the duties of a project management company and engineering of architecture, structural design and building installations. Elektroprojekt S.A. includes 8 regional branches (in: Gdańsk, Gliwice, Katowice, Kielce, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Warszawa) and assures a high level of technology and high quality of services for customers from Poland and abroad.


Founded on many years of experience, the basic scope of services includes:

  • comprehensive, multi-branch engineering of: industrial construction, general and housing construction, done in all branches required for full realisation of projects (architecture, structural design, sanitary installations, electrical and telecommunication installations, roads, site planning, technological process installations, etc.);
  • engineering of wind farms, in full scope;
  • transmission substations and distribution substations: indoor, overhead and moveable, up to 400kV inclusive;
  • power-transmission lines, overhead and cable – of all types and voltages, including 220kV;
  • fibre-optic lines including terminal equipment;
  • electrical installations: power supply, indoor and outdoor lighting, lightning protection and fire protection;
  • automatic control and measurement systems;
  • contact systems in transport (underground, tramway, trolleybus, railway);
  • telecommunication installations: phone, intercom, ITV, process-hazard alarm systems,
  • fire alarm systems, access control, anti-burglary protection systems, etc.;
  • computer network wiring;
  • other installations, adapted to specific local conditions and customer's requirements.

The offer of Elektroprojekt S.A. includes the full scope of services related to the tasks of a project management company, like:

1. Preliminary stage:

      a) feasibility study;
      b) site planning;
      c) application for the decision of building and site-planning conditions;
      d) updating of maps for site planning;
      e) soil examination for the purpose of engineering;
      f) expert opinions necessary for the applications for permits;
      g) BoQ and monitoring of capital expenditures.

2. Engineering services:

      a) tender documentation for purposes of negotiation of conditions of the project realisation between the customer and the contractor;
      b) multi-branch technical specification to be submitted for the building permit;
      c) basic and detailed engineering to be executed by contractors of electrical,
      d) project estimation and monitoring of capital expenditures;
      e) co-ordination of services to be done in pre-erection stage and of the basic engineering, in conformance to the construction law, to obtain the confirmation of the specification and the building permit;
  • construction and mechanical branches,

3. Erection stage:

      a) submission of applications and obtaining of the building permit on behalf of the customer;
      b) erection supervision on behalf of Elektroprojekt S.A.;
      c) supervision of erection on behalf of the customer;
      d) commissioning,
      e) completion of the as erected drawings and operational documentation including manuals.

Striving to keep the highest quality of services, Elektroprojekt S.A. revised in 2001 its existing system of quality management, so that to meet the requirement of ISO9001 standard, now confirmed by the ISO9001 : 2008 Certificate issued by BSI (British Standard Institution)

 PDF(link to the Certificate)

Technical Credibility References

Since 1998 Elektroprojekt S.A. is a member of the Chamber of Construction Designing which granted her the Technical Credibility References, which are the equivalent of an assurance of technological competence and credibility

PDF(link to the References)

Technical Management of Projects of Foreign Companies in Poland

More than half a century of our activities means not only thousands of engineering documentations and specifications of projects developed in nearly every branch of construction industry. Elektroprojekt S.A. has also participated in many projects outside Poland: in Byelorussia, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Iraq, Cuba, Morocco, Germany, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Elektroprojekt S.A. has gained a wide experience while acting as a co-operating or a managing company for many foreign corporations which realised their projects in Poland. We have implemented new technologies in co-operation with project owners from Spain, Germany, Great Britain and many other countries.

Regional Branches of Elektroprojekt S.A.

All the branches do the engineering of all kinds of electrical and telecommunication systems in the above-mentioned scope. Additionally, the below-listed Branches are specialised in some chosen fields:

Branch of Gliwice: engineering of overhead and indoor substations up to 400kV, overhead and cable lines up to 220kV, power-supply and control systems of motors (up to 12MW). Additionally, basic and detailed engineering, commercial and technological expert opinions of heavy-current-supplied systems as well as power-consumption management systems for industrial plants. Those projects are implemented in a comprehensive way, so that to cover each sector of the project.

Branch of Kielce: engineering of overhead and cable lines up to 220kV, overhead and indoor substations up to 220kV, outdoor distribution networks of mean and low voltage as well as networks which include power-supply substations of industrial plants. Additionally, engineering of telecommunication trunking and switching networks, radio-station-based trunking lines, customized solutions of decorative lighting of streets and squares, measurement systems of electrical installations as well as expert opinions.

Branch of Lublin: comprehensive, multi-branch engineering and services related to project management (pre-designs, analyses, expert opinions, supervision of erection). Additionally, the Lublin Branch is ready to fulfil the duties of a representative to assist foreign companies to erect their projects in Poland.

Branch of Łódź: power supply of contact systems of the underground, tramway, trolleybus, including rectification substation and auxiliary structures. Also, a wide scope of engineering, including: analyses, manuals, building surveys, erection supervision and organisation of tenders.




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